Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"A cucumber should be well-sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar..."

I'm not really going to get into why it's been such a fallow period from me, but I will warn you all to be careful on the streets of Ann Arbor if you live there and tend to stay out late. Walk places with friends, give someone a ride if they want to walk home alone, don't be too proud to crash on someone's couch, etc. I was glad to see Michigan's defense finally keep the pedal down through the fourth quarter, and the team has cracked the BCS rankings. I was also glad to see the White Sox win, although it would have been nice not to have had yet another one-sided Series. The intraleague playoffs seem to be the major source of drama in recent years. I was particularly glad to see Patrick Fitzgerald, the Irish Catholic Gus Petch, indict I. Lewis Libby and keep the rest of the CIA leak investigation open for the time being. (Presumably, in keeping with his M.O., Fitzgerald will now begin to subtly intensify his scrunching of Libby, whose lawyers are facing one hell of a pig on which to put lipstick.)

Good news, Uncle Grambo is back from a similar spell of inactivity to mine, and the Chauncey Billups blog is back from a truly epic and completely unexplained hiatus, just in time for the NBA season. Also some interesting NBA musings at Straight Bangin', if that's your thing. My excitement is muted right now because of other stresses, but I am looking forward to the fact that, in the abstract, there will be another season, and Kobe's team will suck again. (As far as haterific pro sports go, these are pretty much salad days for me, with Kobe, Brett Farva, the Baltimore Jailbirds, and the Yankees and Braves all dropping the proverbial soap.)


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Kenny said...

Why does everyone still gotta hate on my boy Kobe, yeah the Lakers just aren't very good right now isn't that enough? Just curious why everyone outside of LA hates Kobe so much.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Yost said...


Just wanted to say thank for all the great posts on M Zone.

Go Blue!


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