Friday, October 14, 2005

While I'm here

I'm growing impatient with Angels bitching about their loss to the White Sox. It wasn't a great call, but Josh Paul, the Angels' young catcher, was inexcusably irresponsible not to tag the batter as a matter of form. It was a close play, and no matter how confident the catcher was that he made the catch, the ump can't really see the webbing of his glove, and I've seen veteran catchers play it safe on much closer plays. As my old civil procedure professor, Rich Friedman, says, "When there are so many things that can go wrong, you're well-served by a tendency to be slightly neurotic." He was talking about lawyers, not baseball, but he often straddles the line between the two.

And yes, the ump didn't announce there was no catch, but the catcher HAS to wait to hear the ump say "You're out" before ROLLING THE BALL BACK TO THE MOUND! Frankly, the Angels were probably going to lose that game anyway, because their starting pitcher hadn't even made it 5 innings and they had burned most of their bullpen just to get to the 9th. Meanwhile, the Sox hadn't used a single reliever yet. I daresay the Sox are probably going to win the series, because Bartolo Colon is hurt and the rest of the Angels just can't match Chicago in terms of starting pitching. But it won't be because of a bad call by the ump; it'll be because Josh Paul was insufficiently neurotic, Mike Scioscia failed to call the obvious pitchout with a pinch-runner on and an 0-2 count (allowing the easy steal since Josh Paul was understandably a little out of sorts), and Kelvim Escobar grooved one to Joe Crede.


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