Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Tradition of Gagging

Some of you may have been chortling over the Yankees taking the gas can once again in the playoffs. To reinvigorate your chortles, some entertaining bitterness herea from a Red Sox fan in NYC. Very little Red Sox homerism here for the last few posts, mostly just pure clean Yankee hating. Remember: it's not only okay to hate the Yankees, it's morally upright. Other good news: their payroll is so screwed up, paying so many casualties of war or non-contributors, that they'll continue to decline. Blimey, I sure the hell wouldn't want to be any of those guys' employer, except Jeter. And to read Yankee fans basically shivving A-Fraud in the shower, read this and scroll down to the mailbag section on the Oct. 11 post. It's not even of a quarter of the way down this massive page, after boldface numeral 3. (Jeez, Simmons oughta get his ass some permalinks with a blog this size.)


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