Friday, October 14, 2005

Go Blue and...stuff.

Brian at MGoBlog has an absolutely hilarious preview of the Michigan-Penn State game here. It doesn't look good for the Wolverines tomorrow. I'll be there yelling and making smartass remarks about Penn State's lame uniforms, lame fight song, oddly fey team nickname, and absolutely ludicrous coach (not that he's old, but because he's a old Italian guy in three-inch-thick classes and flood pants whose crazed, Brooklyn-meets-western-PA speech is almost as decipherable as Irish Micky Ward's. Seriously...Paterno's been comedy gold for at least the last 15 years. Way before Penn State had their down period. When he chased the ref into the tunnel and then hung a ref doll with a noose around his neck from the front door? Priceless. And at the pep rally, pounding the lectern, spittle flying: "My fadda was a PRIZEFITA! And he taught me, when ya down, witcha back onda canvas, yi gadda geddap and give 'em a LEFTANNARIGHTANNALEFT!!!").

My major source of hope for Michigan lies in the fact that they started the week, incredibly, as 3.5-point favorites against the undefeated Nittany Lions. Needless to say, punters have bet Penn State up another point since then, as they would expected to with such an attractive line. Too attractive, as (Michigan letterman) Audie Murphy would say if this were a third-rate Western. These guys didn't get to be running sports books for billionaires in palatial casinos by being stupid. So I have to tell myself, in order to keep spirits high, that they must know something I don't know. (My more volatile brother thinks they're having a hit put on Chad Henne late some time tonight. But I really don't think that's a justified comment. Chad's been flaky this year, but he's 19 years old and famous throughout the state, he's going to have some growing pains. It's not like PSU's quarterback has been a model of efficiency his whole career -- he JUST got kinda under control this year, as a senior.)

Till next time...Hail, hail, and such.


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